Featured Product- The Brewing Industry Brochure

You Brew, We Glue

At Palmetto Adhesives Company, we understand the Craft Brewing Industry is growing rapidly and our experienced Sales Professionals are here to help you with all of your adhesive needs. From our water-based bottle labeling adhesives to our hot-melt packaging products, our team stays at the forefront of the adhesive industry.

Palmetto Adhesives Company provides products that are innovative, performance driven, and environmentally safe. 

Water-Based Bottle Labeling Adhesives

WE4905TLN & WE4941ANN are both water-based adhesives designed for the Brewing Industry and are a part of the LabelLoc series of water-based adhesives.

WE4905TLN is a high performance adhesive designed for glass bottles and exhibits excellent machinability on high speed rotary labelers where hyper-condensation resistance is required.  Designed to provide higher mileage and replace conventional casein adhesives.  Can pass a brewery "Ice Proof" test. (7 day cure, 72 hour soak)

WE4941ANN is also a high performance labeling adhesive for glass containers and was developed to to replace casein based labeling adhesives for returnable bottles.  Can also pass a brewery "Ice Proof" test but, can easily be removed by typical returnable bottle washing methods.   


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Hot-Melt Packaging Adhesives

HM1088, HM5130MC, & HM0512MC are all hot-melt adhesives designed for case sealing and tray forming for the Food and Beverage Industry. 

HM1088 is a general purpose case and carton sealing adhesive, designed to be very fast and is the most economical adhesive in the SecureTac line of EVA based hot-melt adhesives. 

HM5130MC was specifically designed to withstand both hot and cold ambient temperature conditions and is the most versatile product in the FrioSeal line of EVA based hot-melt adhesives.

HM0512MC is a high speed freezer grade adhesive designed with excellent cold and heat resistance and is the "work horse" product in the PinnacleBond line of Metallone based hot-melt adhesives.