Hot Melt Products

Made from non-volatile thermoplastic materials, hot melt adhesives are an ideal choice for difficult and non-porous substrates. These adhesives are solid at room temperature, activated by heating above their softening point, and applied in the molten state.


PinnacleBond packaging adhesives offer a versatile choice for bonding a wide range of coated and uncoated corrugated and chipboard stocks designed for the food packaging industry.


Palmetto Adhesives specifically designs water based & hot melt adhesives for hard cover and soft cover bookbinding applications. Each of our adhesives and primers is formulated for every type of bindery operation.

Securetac packaging and assembly adhesives are still the choice when it comes to economical value and versatility. These EVA based adhesives provide the greatest range of products for "difficult to bond" substrates.

The low density, aggressive bonding properties and excellent thermal stability of the Epolbond line of adhesives allows for stronger bonds using less adhesive.

LabeLoc labeling adhesives are designed to provide excellent machining properties and superior bonding strength to all types of glass and plastic containers in the bottling and food packaging industry.

An EVA-based product line offering energy savings and reduced down time due to low application temperatures, our FrioSeal products are applied between 250F - 275F.

Palmetto Adhesives specifically designs water based and hot melt adhesives for the woodworking and furniture industry in North America.


PressureSeal packaging and assembly adhesives are specifically designed and manufactured to meet requirements where standard water based, EVA and metallocene based hot melt technologies do not perform.