Non-Woven Adhesives

From household wipes and surgical drapes to diapers and feminine care items, non-woven fabrics are ever-present in the marketplace and Palmetto Adhesives offers a complete line of adhesive products capable of fitting the full spectrum of non-woven item production.

Adhesives for Trusted Products

Palmetto Adhesives offers hygienic non-woven adhesives for items such as diapers, incontinence care items, sanitary napkins, and more. We can provide your business with the finest personal care product adhesives, allowing for reduced production costs and improved product quality.

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For nearly two decades, Palmetto Adhesives has been a leader in the industry and our seasoned team can help you select the right non-woven adhesives to help you increase production and reduce waste. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced staff members and learn how Palmetto Adhesives can help your business grow.