Palmetto Adhesives manufactures a full line of hot melt and water based adhesives for the packaging, paper converting, non-wovens, graphic arts, product assembly, and general purpose industries. Commonly applied via extrusion, roll on, and spray methods, these industry-leading adhesives provide versatile, robust solutions for a wide range of applications.

Made from non-volatile thermoplastic materials, hot melt adhesives are solid at room temperature, activated by heating above their softening point, and applied in the molten state.

Made from water, polymers, and additives, water based adhesives may be formulated as solutions or powders and are activated as the water evaporates or is absorbed by the substrate.

The Right Glue for Any Job

At Palmetto Adhesives, we understand that industries are constantly evolving. Our team works hard to stay at the forefront of the adhesives industry with products that are innovative, environmentally-safe, and performance driven. Whether your system utilizes extrusion, roll on, spray, or another application method, our adhesives are formulated to provide efficient, dependable results. Our experienced laboratory units are also capable of developing custom products to meet your specific application needs.

For more information about any of our products, contact Palmetto Adhesives today. We can help you select the adhesive that is best suited to your production specifications.