Our Commitment



"At Palmetto Adhesives we are committed to being good stewards of the environment and are doing our part to conserve energy, reduce waste, and protect our environment for the future." 

 ~ Tom Wilson, President/ CEO  

Our Commitment to Conserve

  • We recycle all totes at our water-based facility.
  • We recycle all materials that are used in production, such as; raw materials, waste water,  & packaging materials.
  • All of our facilities minimize the amount of waste by recycling and all facilities do not use fossil fuels. 
  •  As good stewards of the environment, we seek out environmentally friendly raw materials from all of our suppliers.
    • All of our facilities have been up fitted with energy efficient electrical fixtures, as well as participate in energy saving programs with our energy providers.



    Our Responsibility to Conserve

    Being good stewards of the environment is an economic and social necessity. Reducing utility costs through energy and water conservation, recycling and reusing packaging materials, and reducing waste in every area of the company are essential. Over the years, the culture of resource conservation has grown with the company. Environmental Responsibility is not only about saving the planet; it is about protecting our fragile ecosystem for future generations. We continue to reduce our environmental impact through eco-friendly initiatives that are fully engaged and supported by our workforce. Our passion for environmental and social responsibility provided the foundation for Palmetto Adhesives and helps ensure that our company will be a leader in creating a healthy environment for generations to come.


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